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Assurance services involves the identification and assessment of key audit risks, and provides a degree of comfort over the reliability of your financial statements. A set of audited financial statements will benefit the company's stakeholders, be it from the regulatory standpoint, or facilitating decisions for corporate investments. 

Our clients come from an extensive range of industries, varying in size from headquarters of international corporations, subsidiaries of listed companies to branch operations. Through our years of experience, we have gained the expertise to execute an efficient audit, tailoring the audit approach according to your entity's profile.

Our audit professionals are committed to simplify your financial reporting process through active communication, deliver quality outputs, and assist in your accounting queries.


Tax administration differs across countries and are revised regularly by the authorities. Our team at CNB Tax Services actively keeps up with the current changes and are committed to provide you with timely updates to support your critical decision making process.

Our tax services include:

  - Corporate tax compliance and advisory

  - Personal tax compliance and advisory

  - GST compliance and advisory

  - Transfer pricing assessment

  - "ASK" review

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Our accounting team under CNB Management Services will support you through the lifecycle of your company. Depending on the needs of your company, we provide monthly, quarterly and annual accounting services, collating the transactions of daily operations and translating them into financial metrics for your internal planning and regulatory submission. 


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